Chai Tea

Based on Chai (Israel 1983)

Show me how high
You were to try
And serve me this bland boring cup of tea

I bet you think
You snooty Brit
That adding mint somehow makes it fancy

Your tea lacks taste
It’s flavor-less
Doesn’t really matter how long it’s been steeped

I’ll show you more
Come on next door
We’ll jazz up your tea, really make it soar

With my spice raaaaaack
Milk from a yaaaaaak
And then we will add some sweeten-er-ers

Chai chai chai
I’ll make you some chai
Start with reg-u-lar tea
Add to it flavor-ings
That’s how we begin
Chai chai chai
Such delicious chai
These are the instruc-tions
Pay now close atten-tion
Let’s boil some water

While water boils
We’re gonna toil
And mix up all these spices in a bowl

We’ll add some yum
With car-da-mom
Then add ginger and sticks of cinn-a-mon

And we’ll toss iiiiiiin
All spice and clooooooves
Fennel, star anise, and pepper-co-o-orn

Chai chai chai
Make masala chai
Don’t leave out the nut-meg
Move on to the next bit
Let’s sweeten our tea
It will be chai chai chai
A great cup of chai
Would you like some honey
Sugar from a palm tree
Or a coconut

Now the last step
We can’t forget
To add a big splash of divine lactose

Have I run out?
This is bum luck
Say, have you e-ver milked a bu-ffa-loo

Wait that’s okaaay
I’ve found some leeeeeft
Let me get it and then we can t-a-aste

Chai chai chai
Come give it a try
Sip it nice and slowly
I can make it foamy
Tell me if you like
Your cup of chai chai chai
Don’t be a wise guy
This is not tea latte
It’s how tea should be made
Haven’t you learned yet


Ma-sa-la Chai! Tea! Chai!