Based on Mother (Belgium 2014)

There’s only one
I can confide in with my grief:
My piano
She’s felt my pain
We’re intermingled, fused together like we never were two

These stately chords
Encapsulate what passion means, one man knew that
He spilled out his heart, wrote timeless melodies
His virtuosity gave us faith and hope, ways to cope

You make me cry, Chopin
You make me laugh, Chopin
Playing this tremolo
Staccato, allegro, pianissimo
I can’t let go

In my darkest hours
Nocturne in C-sharp minor feels so enticing
Immortalised by human minds
Neverending, physics-bending its final note
Its afterglow

You make me strive, Chopin
You make me fight, Chopin
Highs and lows juxtaposed
In scherzos with cosmic arpeggios
My soul’s exposed

I cannot see, oh Chopin
I cannot breathe, oh Chopin
Always and evermore
Legato, crescendo, fortissimo
Will rock my core

You make me flail, Chopin
You make me faint, Chopin
Please, Chopin