Cuddle a pillow

Based on Stay Forever (Slovenia 2004)

Hooh… hey yeah yeah

I am feeling so cosy
Snuggling up to a pillow, it is my life
It’s so special unfurled
Hmm… clinging to it is really really so…

Heavenly, like a coral reef
On my head, embroidered foam
Ice-cream from Devon, back relaxed-er
A silent elf by my bed doo-or

Please just cuddle a pillow
If you’re feeling down or lonely
Please just cuddle a pillow, but you
Make sure that’s it’s dryyyyyyyyy… wonono

Please just cuddle your pillow, it’s not damp, just
Warmish and fluffyyyyy
Ten to seven, my lower neck hurts
So just rest some mooooreee

Make sure you’ve got a biscuit (or wiiiiine)
You don’t need to get up (please don’t whiiiiine)
Then just lower your body (on the pillow)
‘Cos it’s cushioned and yellow

Please just hug on your pillow
It can be your baby comfort
Stroke it, kiss it or just lay on it
It’s not hard to try, no, no, no

Please just cuddle a pillow, and then all your
Troubles go aw—aaaay
Fall asleep or just rest your muscles
It will soothe and calm

So just cling to your pillow
And then you will feel so lazy, lazy
Please just cuddle your pillow virtue,
It can keep your smile