Based on Io senza te (Switzerland 1981)

“Hello everybody, welcome to my show”
“Here we chat, we party, and dance all night long!”

Can you hear me, Eeyore? It’s your buddy, Pooh
You’re glittery as a star but… I can’t recognise you…

Eeyore, don’t pretend: Our friendship ends
Eeyore, you were real once – now you’ve become fake
Eeyore, I’m ashamed… Oh… What a mistake:
To sell your values for red lentil stew…

“We’ll shave this guy’s eyebrows, then glue the hairs back”
“But first, let’s have gin, or, even smoke some crack!”

What’s gone wrong, I wonder, since those Disney films
Maybe he’s grown older… While my soul’s young, still…

Eeyore sleeps with fans (“Sexy legs!”) – no love affairs (“Just one night stands”)
(“Well,”) As the lonely groupies want him in their bed (“Who wants champagne”?)
Eeyore snorts cocaine – Tons! – It could go bad: (“I ask again…?”)
Police must stop him before he’s dead!

“Eeyore is my name!”
“I’m innocent!”

“*Screams disappointingly and angrily*”
Eeyore’s led to jail, cops grab his hands (“I’ve no more fame…”)

Who drives the patrol? Hey, it’s my friend!
Officer Piglet… My role model!