I feed you, my love

Based on I Feed You My Love (Norway 2013)

Afternoon, as the clock strikes three
Stew food all right, can you guarantee
That the crisper has no birds, disappear

And your tush, your tush moves fast, nothing but bliss
You drop a fart, and your green tea
Your green tea, hot, that you know, again I warn

How can I be?
It’s hard to combine
Your soft touch is real
I feed you, my love

Don’t use a knife, I’ll cut your snack
Do you want yet a new asthma attack?
Puree devoured, there’s no new ward
No white meat

Oh… steak is banned, the crust transferred
Down the wire – love your gray hair and shirts
It’s you I’ve nurtured all along
Don’t reminisce

How can I pee?
It’s no longer fine
Use your crutch and meal
‘Cause I feed you, my love

Don’t use a knife, don’t chew your snack
I oversee your bad, sore, old back
Called me a coward, you struck a chord
This was the last time that I’ve sung

How can I plea?
Before you were mine
It’s too much to heal
I want to get rid of
All the above
But I feed you, my love