I Need A Kleenex

Based on Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria 2014)

Felt there was a tickle
Something in my nose
Tried to get rid of it
Gave it a quick snort

Could I just ignore it
Have to wait and see
It’s slowly getting clearer
I’ll need to set it free

Exhaled to get it all cleared away
There was more than I planned for

I need a Kleenex
My nose exploded
And its contents are gooey
Of how much
There really was
I was way off
So please go and fetch me some Kleenex
To clean my face

Covered up with one hand
Used my sleeve to wipe
Tried to snort it back up
There’s no end in sight

Have gooed uh-up both of my hands
Now need to wipe them down
Where’s my shawl
Oh look out there’s more to come

I need a Kleenex
Ran out of sleeves and towels
Curtains and bread rolls
Really sound gross
But absorb
They’ll have to hold
Til you return

Holding my nostrils shu-u-ut
I squeezed too hard and
Now there is bloooooood

Find me the Kleenex
Make sure it’s two ply
I’ve already begun to
Make use of this
Don’t be alarmed
It will wash off
Well now never mind bout the Kleenex
It seems I’m done-oh-aahh-tchooo