Mom, Drive Me To School

Based on Love Will Set You Free (UK 2012)

I roll out of bed
It’s seven AM
I crawl to the kitchen
Have toast with some jam

I settle myself
In front of the TV
I’m dying to know it
How many degree

As the weather man gets his cue
With heavy words he says

“In Mississippi, later today,
A storm arrives, which is now underway”
Though I’m not made of sugar, the rain is uncool
Mommy, please, drive me to school

Walk to her room
Open her door
Then tell her what’s coming
What hell keeps in store

Mom is not too impressed
By the weather forecast
She opens the curtain
Looks through the window

And when the sun pretty much blinds her
It feels like a betray

It might be sunny, that’s just for now
David Hartman told us exactly how
I am bound to get real wet
The weather is a threat
Mommy, please, drive me to school

What if thunder hits me
Tree on my head
I might suffer
It could become my death

So save me from disaster
Do not be a fool
Mom, drive me to school!