Northern Line

Based on Northern Girl (Russia 2002)

The central line goes to Oxford Street
It takes you where the people want to meet
Pubs, clubs they see the shows
They’re never on their own
And there are other lines that you can see
Piccadilly, Hammersmith and City
But there is a line for me
Still a real mystery
I just wanna travel

Northern line, Kings Cross branch
Angel, Old Street and Moorgate
Pie and Mash’s a real treat
I get it from there
Northern line, Charring Cross
Another branch to take you

Victoria goes to Finsbury Park
Arsenal play near by, a losing farce
Never top the Premier League
Not worth going there
Other lines you stand close skin to skin
You are like sardines stuck in a big tin
Sweat runs round all the walls
You stick to the floor and all
So I just wanna travel

Northern line, two branches
Take me to Waterloo and
Win the war, ABBA says
Ride London Eye
Northern line, Camden Town
Hip, hop be trendy with the
Northern line

Northern line, Clapham South
Go see some comedy and
Get real drunk, then pass out
You can get home
Northern line, gets you there
Even if you should live in
Leicester Square

And though I know there are
Other lines you could catch, there’s buses too
I say it’s underrated
Northern line grab oyster and go baby

Northern line, can you get
Mornington Crescent, baby
Play the game, one minute
Haven’t a clue
Northern line, you should go
Travelling north and south on
Northern Line

Engineering works on,
Northern line’s shut baby
Forget what, I just said
Bugger it’s shit
All the rides, All the sights
You’ll never get there on the
Northern line. Northern line!