Penile penetration-bfs

Based on Disco Tango (Denmark 1979)

I’m feeling happy and I want some more
I’m just your special lover, type of whore
Not anal, but in belly, feelings are free and so fair
(are free and so fair)
Hot eyes and gorgeous body, he’s just a luvverly boy

I feel so overjoyed at seeing him
So many diff’rent possibilities
So many kinds of sex you could do the pick-and-mix from
(do the pick-and-mix from)
Just thinking of him is a sex, seeing him even more
Sweet baby, cute and beyond!

Penile penetration’s fun
And how I like to play it one-on-one
In belly, and not anal or in “pom”
The frontal cock-in-cock, the emo-emoSHUN!

Lovely, mindblowingly sweet
This guy isn’t he just a baby face
The reason I’m alive, count the hot men
One, two, three, twenty-four, and 10

(Interlude of feeling each other up to chilled+action sex orchestral music)

Nice to be within the gang
And feel how much a boy tickles my hand
Best friend, boyfriend, barefoot, breast, bestfit, lavv
I love him so much – he’s the cutest in the world

Every time I see his face
I feel so upbeat, troubles go away
My hottest friends and sex partners are hot
And really, you know who you are <3