Based on Undo (Sweden 2014)

Joseph, I can’t wait here, Kreining
Programming languages in Google
Burden, I just stood for passage
Being civil like Charles Pelly, end

Kiki, Morry
Hear Harry
Carole, I can’t wait here, Ferring
Dataware is following me now

Her-herbert, Junior
Basarab is the old man
Frank is Carol, to the dry

I know that I just buy Bishops
At last, I know what is Persian
O-za-i is Japanese

Marshall, baby, she’s Amanda
Suphrodytes are suffering right now
Hama, God, I can’t save Hama
I have to consume Valnoctamide

Kiki, is a whore
Hear Poison

Thomas has no house
His keys were in ABC
Is Erem Hebrew?
Or Turkish, or Spanish?

“My Italian just sucks so bad”
So she admits it right, so bad
Kavali, let’s go!

No enchantments here
The studio is now some Lerche
Kiasar, key, suffer!
TSSR, what is it?

A hoe is like a Fernie’s ghost
Open, Cola, Canadian
Filmmakers, just qui-i-it!

I said: pork, now quit.