ALC2017 : Rules of the contest

The Alternative Lyrics Competition is based around songs that have taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although there has been sporadic inquiries, songs that have taken part in a national selection only aren’t eligible as basis for a submitted Alternative Lyric (AL). However, Eurovision entries that have withdrawn or were disqualified from the international competition are allowed.

The AL will be submitted in text form. The preferred method is either .txt, .rtf, googledocs or pasted into an email. But, for the time being, .doc, .docx are allowed too. Due to the use of wordpress on the official ALC website, the use of .html is discouraged.

The submission in text form shall be accompanied by a sound file or a video file. Preferred formats are .mp3, .wav, .aac or .mp4.


The competition shall be played out in two stages: A semi-final stage and a final stage.

A maximum of three submissions per person will be allowed. Joint efforts count as one submission for each of the co-authors (ie. if Person A and Person B enter a joint AL, then both can only enter two more AL as seperate authors).

Semi-final stage

There are preferably three semi-finals. The top 6 scoring submissions will proceed to the final stage.

If a semi-final counts more than 15 entries (16+), then the top 7 scoring submissions will proceed from that semi-final. If the number of participants in a semi final is larger than 15, then 7 will qualify from that semi final.

The final will then consist of a field between 18 and 28 entries, and even more when there are ties.

Final stage

In the 2017 final, the top scoring submissions will compete along up to 6 auto finalists . The entry(ies) that end up scoring the highest will be crowned the winner of this year’s competition.

Auto Finalists

This is not compulsory. Authors can decline. If authors decline, it will be offered to up to four other authors (via mail). Empty spots will not result in more qualifiers from the semis.


All participants shall take part in voting for the entries in the semi-final or final that they themselves are taking part in. It’s not permitted to vote for one’s own entry.

If a semi-final or final has 10+ entries, then ‘regular’ Eurovision voting style will be observed.

With less than 10 entries, the voting sequence is 12-10-8-6-4-2-1.

Non-participants are welcomed to join in and vote. However, the NPV will always be collated into a single jury vote, before adding them to the overall scores. In case of tie breaks, all tying entries receive the mark, but the next entries keep their original score (ie. if Entry A, B and C all received 12 pts, the next entry D, would only receive 7 pts).

Participants in the 2017 competition that don’t have a stake in a semi-final or a final are also welcomed to vote. Their vote will always count as full.

Submitting votes

The 2017 competition will make use of the scorewiz system.


Ties will be left unbroken. If there is a tie for qualification, all tied entries will be allowed to move to the final.  However, the next entries keep their original placing (ie. if Entry A, B and C all placed in 5th position, the next entry D, would be regarded as placing in 8th).


For the 2017 competition, there will be no wild-cards.

Submitting your entries

Up to 3 entries per person

Joint entries counts as 1 entry per person

Only ESC Nation MB or #esc chat regulars can enter

Entries must be kept anonymous, anyone revealing their entry will be disqualified. (This includes posting ‘anonymously’ on the ESC Nation MB, as moderators can still see who you are.) Please don’t give yourself away in any way on the MB, in the chat or on Facebook etc.

Entries may be submitted in word document, text document, html file, or just typed into the email.

Entries can be altered/swapped as many times as required during the submission period.

After submitting an entry, you will receive a confirmation email, which will also contain the mp3 that will be used for your entry, please check this is the correct version!

Special requirements

Any special requirements (video, specialist mp3s) must be requested in good time, and provisions must be discussed fully with the organizer.

Mp3s will be time limited, and restricted to Eurovision music only.

Videos must not be uploaded by anyone other than the ALC producer, for anonymity reasons.

If you would like the producer to check English spelling then just ask!


Entries will be placed in their semis and running order via a draw.

Songs with more than one AL based on them will be kept apart where possible in the semis.

Special placement requests depending on availability will be accommodated as much as possible. ALs by the same writer will be kept apart where possible.

Entries on a similar theme but with no song / writer relations will NOT be kept apart deliberately.

After submission

After the submission period ends, each writer will receive an email, confirming the html presentation of their entry/ies

Once you have entered an entry and the deadline has passed, that is it, and all content rights to your entry/entries remain with the ALC organiser.

Whatever your reasons, withdrawing is not allowed.

By all means you may disqualify yourself by failing to vote fairly, but your entry will remain on the ALC site forever regardless.


If you need to contact the organisers for any reason, always use

This includes if you want a message on the MB deleting if you consider it ruins your ALC anonymity.

Reporting this in the usual way on the MB will only alert all moderators (many of whom are also participants) as to who you are, so please contact me directly!