By This Name…

Based on Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria 2014)

Searching for a purpose
Change is overdue
Can I be of service?
Well, this much is true…

I have somewhat hidden
Twinned with once forbidden
Masked femininity

I’ve realised what to be… I say
By this Name I shall be known:

Prime Dominatrix
Queen of the fetish
Bringing out of discomfort
You won’t find
Elsewhere online
It’s most sublime
You know you need Prime Dominatrix
For discipline

Shall I clamp your nipples?
Spray you with my pee?
Spank you ’til you dribble?
Tell me what you seek

If you want to be all tied up
And handcuffed…That’s okay
I don’t judge

By this Name I am now known:

Prime Dominatrix
You’ll call me Mistress
Begging further for brutal
…Most intense
At your expense
I will dispense

I’ll heed your every need
…is guaranteed

I’m Prime Dominatrix
Here for your urges
Granting ordeals for pleasure
…Scenes are played
Don’t be dismayed
Trust goes both ways

You know I am Prime Dominatrix

The safe word’s: kno-o-o-ob