Confusing Hashtags on Twitter

Based on J’ai déjà vu ça dans tes yeux (Luxembourg 1979)

Online when social networking
There is a reason to beware
Some things can go wrong, for example
Confusing hashtags on Twitter

The passing of Margaret Thatcher
Caused around the world, shared horror
Tour all done; now we cannot manage
to Turn Back Time #nowthatchersdead

And of course there was
The unwanted mental image
Syco’s team PR
inexplicably hashtagged #susanalbumparty

But we can learn from these errors
As ESC fans when tweeting
And prevent causing any problems
By watching the words that we type

So if you must confer
About 2012 preference
Please do not hashtag first Latvia
Specially not #pervswhosee

To sum up: be careful
With hashtags, on Twitter