Based on Nebo (Croatia 2012)

Properly locked all the doors to keep the crazies out
Never know who’s gonna show up
Begging for a photo op
Then I hear some footsteps
Right outside my front door
And look to see
Someone’s left flowers in a vase
And there’s a card that reads:

“My lovely Nina Badric
You’re my goddess and my queen
Voice is sent from heaven
I even hear it in my dreams
Yes dear Nina Badric
Won’t you please me with this small act?
I’ve enclosed a CD
Please hear the song I made”

Ooh ooh
Now it’s more than likely
That Babic’s behind this
He won’t take no
I hear a noise from my bedroom
And see a shadow grow

That best not be you Babic
I won’t sing your crappy songs
Your routines are awful
Go try them again in Lisbon
Now you listen Babic
I will call the police again
Tell them you’re my stalker
And that you’re Serbian!

(Tell the police he’s Serbian)

Leave here Andrej Babic
Don’t come nearer I will shoot
The shadow is approaching
I will have to make my move
(Bother Severina
That cow’ll do anything for fame)
She’ll truly do anything for fame
(Have her seen her movie
She’ll even promote ice cream)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oh ooh phheew
The shadow’s just Nebo… my pet cat