Based on Guildo Hat Euch Lieb (Germany 1998)

Peace, democracy
A united Germany
Bringing capitalism and freedom
Huge catastrophe!

There once was a time, when our country was so sublime
A workers’ paradise next to the Oder
Sadly, now it’s over

With sporting heroes
Such as Wöckel, Stecher, Fuchs and Koch
Sure, they doped, but they reigned on the field and the track
Bring, bring, bring the eighties back!

Long live Ostalgie
In my heart, I still believe
We can build a new socialist Eden
Long live Ostalgie (and our leader!)

Start up your Trabant car!
It’s the return of the DDR
You won’t need to be scared of the Stasi
Just support the Party

You need a new job?
We’ll employ you in an Intershop
Time to cast off your chains and stand up for your rights
Workers of the world, unite!

Long live Ostalgie
Try our reminiscent feast
Spreewald gherkins and cola called Vita
Long live Ostalgie (Try a litre!)

The left will march on
You’ll see Ampelmännchen soon in Bonn
Take a look at our plans and you’ll surely agree
Marxist is the way to be!

Long live Ostalgie
Be a Thälmann Pioneer!
And we’ll fly the Red Flag over Wedding
Long live Ostalgie (Sounds like heaven! Hello, Lenin!)

(Nineteen eighty three, that’s the future!)
Yeah, long live Ostalgie! (Yeah, it’s super!)
(Freedom for the East, and the workers!)
Forever Ostalgie!