The Safari

Based on Start a Fire (Azerbaijan 2014)

Swans are swimming right along the river bank
Hippos wandering while the sun shines on their backs *exclaims*
Some zebra younglings stumble on the slippery, muddy grass…

And that’s what we watch while we’re dying in an old van
Hippos rudely cross the road, we have to brake *moans*
The brochure says this “short” course is at least four hours long…!

‘We hate this zoo’, the kids cry
“Should I explain you… One more time?”
“It’s not a zoo, alright? Say ‘Safari’!”

Behind the bushes we can see a lioness
As inside it’s so hot we could not care less *weeps*
Then we decide to quit and take a U-Turn but — We can’t!

Guys dressed as giraffes block the way
They sell us iced tea… Cold and wet
They try to rob us blind…

We’re so thirsty, so they know that
No matter what’s the price, we would buy it…