Walking Drunk

Based on Je suis tombé du ciel (Luxembourg 1970)

Saturday night at my favourite bar
Blueberry shots, someone paid with their card
Some rachet girl gave me drinks from her purse
It’s a blur

And then my friends said it’s time to head home
I downed my beer and had one more to go
Out in the streets they were already lost
I stumbled on, then my journey begun

Into a hole I fell
And found a Cher-shaped rock
Climbing back up again
I lost my shoe and sock

Down by the noodle place
I stole a cardboard sign
Then put it on my head
And shouted: “I need wine!”

Car horns are honking, it sounds like a beat
I tried to dance, but entangled my feet
Just told some woman she looks like a goat
Where’s my coat?

In someone’s garden I found a brand new
Might be a dress, but I think that it’s blue
Feel a bit sick, but at least almost home
Crossing the street, where’s my keys, where’s my phone?

I’m crawling up the stairs
Open the door, and fall
This is not where I live
But I don’t care, it’s warm

Peed in a random bed
Some lady yelled and screamed
Ran to the street again
A great idea: Let’s sing!

La la la la la la!
La la la la… la la!
La la la la la la!

And head back to the bar!