Wet Giraffes

Based on Warum Nur, Warum? (Austria 1964 – Italian version)

I’m missing some creatures
The mammoths fell overboard
The ground sloths I ate
But I’m sure God can make more

The rain, the rain
Will never pass
With my menagerie
Forty days I’ve now sailed

The penguins both sweat
The parrots say they’re too cold
I knitted them jumpers
Now I have naked sheep

The hares were both male
Still they bred at great speed
I had two, now two thousand
Bunny love – give it up!

Stocking my boat
Was at times a challenge
Elephants – oh boy
Those were hard to find


The sky’s getting clearer
And I see a distant shore
I’ll unpack the snakes
A new dawn, Earth is reborn!

But no-one is left
Just my family and me
Not a soul to help dry the wet giraffes
Wet giraffes, wet giraffes

Wet giraffes