Based on Wild Soul (Moldova 2014)

What am I?
Solar System?
What are you?
English lawyer?
Our lectionary is from the past, yic!

Leighton’s piss, acne of pet
While Connor Chinn gets a buffy
Kendall and candles can make us music and good pies

I really don’t care of transports
The oil of Chris Lovickbowski
Was gone through rivers and Flossach
My mortons
Fighting with single german girls
Fighting to go to Japan and have eyes rolled and Otto’s gurl

Likes having sex
Likes it more, yeah
They like having with each other, in beaches

Kantallur just killing India
While Hugo is a tooth Fleury
And we don’t have talent, so we have it: joband – argh!

I really don’t care of tables
The babies of Lescat: british!
And Jason Adams is washy
The fishers
Fighting with “Patagonica”
Fighting to go to Wisconsin and get fat as Tonga, cunts!

Is rushing to South Afrique
And Kurt’s
Is meant to keep me kalou

Peristeri is a station
Bilaspur and Pradech, gather
You two are Carib’s and 20
Save Aramona, campaining
Beating the crap out of Juan
And being part, San Tome!