How I Met Your Father

Based on UK 1969 (Spanish version)

We’re locked up inside this contraption
In need of a bit of distraction
I’ll tell you about my affliction
I hope it won’t seem too filled up with gore

Or bore

Although it might curb our rapport

My farts go
Boom bang-a-bang with such aplomb
Each every day
Whoa! Woe is me, I wanna shout:
No more, I pray!

Trembling like, it seems to me
Scale: Richter 10
Toot bang pfff pumph bip! I harrumph

Oh it’s excruciating to hold flatus in
I let them flee
Whip, crack away! Loud as I please
Boom all the time
Such is me!

Ew, Dennis, this lift is now whiffy
It’s weird: my wind’s rarely so niffy
I never do them silent or deadly
Is that something you might deploy?

Bad boy!

Your smile says that’s what you enjoy!

I’ll fart now
Bip bip bip bang, bang bang bip bip
Bip. There I’m done
I’ve never thought, farting in Morse
Could be such fun!

I will repeat ’til someone hears
Our rescue call
Soon we will be free, I am sure

All through my duodenum I feel ’em building up
Oh deary me! This one is big

Our destinies: BOOM are entwined
Yes sir, with love

That’s how I met your dad, though
I caused the Great Landslide

Don’t worry dear: Despite the mess, nobody died

Then on our first date

Boom! Down he went on
One knee and said:

“Marry me!”