A Shopaholic Statement

Based on Italy 2017

One should not underestimate the life of a rich wife
My spouse is always busy, he’s working from five to knife
For spending my days by the pool, loneliness is the fee
That’s slowly killing me

Out of guilt he gave me (all for free)
A suitcase and a ticket to Paris (Parigi)
Spending his cash is what I’ll do
Community in goods

One-piece suits by Escada, Cerruti and Agnona
The many likes of a fashionista
New scent produced in Torvik, some herbal mixed with garlic
The best for this well-dressed chick

I need that dress from Ghana
This is the Shop Walhalla
Two grand for a bandana?
Here in the Shop Walhalla


Crédit insuffisant (rejetée)
Could you please try again?
There is no way (is no way)
That I have not enough to pay
I’m sorry, if I may

I guess I must have messed up the cards, here, have the next one
Forgot the cash is all still in London
Have you tried to turn this thing around and get it back in?
Then why is it not working?!

This is a massive drama
A Shopaholic’s Drama
Don’t tell me it’s the last bra
A Shopaholic’s Drama

And as the other credit cards get rejected as well
Quietly leaving this place, woohoo…
With jewels stashed in my purse
Don’t get caught or it turns worse
Allarme! The thief!

Escort’s my transportation, to the near police station
I may as well transfer a donation
Though that won’t set myself free, as I ran out of money
It’s time to get on both knees

And scream I learned my lesson
It’s Shopaholic’s Karma
Black and white striped bandana
That’s Shopaholic’s Karma