Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest

Based on Slovenia 2016


Was their first at ESC
Now they’re gone, güle güle
Let me describe what they’ve been through

They withdrew Maria Epik with Peron
And yet they made us all suffer Sevgiliye Son
Cruel Turks
Now the perks:

Won the first prize with Sertab Erener
When Greece were in, they didn’t enter

Halay, Halleyayay, Halleyayay

Arzu had two, her second Sev
But Çetin just one, with Short Wave
He scored a nul like Seyyal Taner
Both dressed in eccentric manner

The chanteuse we all adore
Looked from Karachi or Lahore
Rimi ley – and fake tan spray

First time in top three with Şebnem Paker
No Big Five (not bribed Sietse Bakker)

Halay, Halleyayay, Halleyayay

There’s Sufi too, Pan and Buket
But sadly, Çetin Alp is dead
Deceased too: Kayahan, from cancer
Still lives: Herovision Dancer

Halay, Halleylakar, Halleyayayayay
Halleyayay, Haniyayay