Come Back

Based on Monaco 1974

It’s with sadness I write
Another year and still you’re gone
A thousand letters I’ve sent, but with no response
But I won’t give up hope
It’s the one thing I’m dreaming of
I long to hear your voice, your language full of love

And so I beg: come back again, Denmark
Next year the contest’s in Sweden; won’t be far
Sure, there’s no bridge yet to span the Øresund
Best hope the sea will freeze so you can bike to Lund

I’ve been so stressed these seven years apart
Ate only pork and stopped using consonants
Maybe I’ll march so that you’ll listen to me
Or camp outside the concert hall at Tivoli
To make my plea

Fourteen long years ago
You sang “Det var en yndig tid”
I never thought that time would end suddenly
And sure, others pulled out
But still, I’ve never understood
Why did it have to stop? The going was so good

I’d cause unrest to have you back, Denmark
Or lead a boycott – the contest’s Rosa Parks
Cut off your Carlsberg – without it, you’ll be screwed
And if that fails, I’ll steal your kamelåså too

I’ll make my threats until DR complies
Campaign for years, till – wait, what’s that? They replied!
Open the note, short and sweet, addressed to me
“We’re out, so stop this madness. Tak – Dansk TV.”

Well, tried my best
Next on the list: Malta