A messageboard like this

Based on Monster Like Me, Norway 2015

Pollé, I’m telling the truth
I am finding this board so sadly reduced
The spark has gone, it has mellowed
It was so much fun, now there is no soul

I better let it go
To find a place I thought I found in here
I better leave it be and give it up
Just wave and say goodbye and let me live
Without a mb like this

Pollé, what is there to do?
I have said it as it is on this awful truth
Oh, make a new thread ’cause I’m cracking up
Say something interesting, don´t just lurk

We better shut it down
To find a place that’s inspiring to see,
Just look at ALC, and go to Facebook
and type a final goodbye to let us live
Without a mb like this…

Oh… oh…

*mystifying and surreal atmosphere

followed by a flood of mb messages*

Oh… oh…

Just poooooooosssssssstttttttt!!!!!!
To find the things you thought you could have seen
Just set yourself free and say it all
Just wave and say hello and make it live
To save a mb like this, oh
To save a messageboard like this…

‘Recruiting both old and new posters from a variety of backgrounds to participate and communicate on board with a passion for not only Eurovision but all kinds of everything.
Applicants to this position are requested to contribute, share and voice their feelings, describing how their skills and experience would help them meet the requirements of the role.
Commencing as soon as possible with open contract’