Learner Driver Confesses

Based on (the Slovene version of) Slovenia 2001

How I wish I dreamed up all of this!
Their lack of angles clouds the head at least a bit

Though I’ve read “Drive Now! (For Dummy Blondes)”
Those charts look more like booby traps each passing day

Roundabouts! They fill me full of doubts
Coating my expressions in unhappy pouts

I’m so afraid which damn exit to take
Big risk, baby, we’ll end up lost, astray, in Milton Keynes!

Sorta figured out the 3-point turn
In my own case I could manoeuvre smoother

To de-stress, Charlotte (therapist) had these
Wise words for me: “Just roll down the window and scream!”

Roundabout! I see one straight ahead!
The frackin’ devil sprouted it from his abyss!

When I’m upset, watch for my handbreak turns
Big risk, baby! Whenever will I stop? I cannot say!

{Nuša misses her exit}

{And again}

{And again}

{And again}


Help me please!

I need now such release!

I’d light a candle now if it could disappear

Oooh! Woah! Woah! Woah!

Now I feel

I’m mocked by passers-by

Ooohhhh Noooooo

It’s feeling like…

I never will…

Escape from this…