Bullfighter’s wife

Based on Russia 1994

She was the biggest star once in Moscow
Famous and rich, she let her money flow
She travelled around the world and on her way
Fell head over heels somewhere in Spain

Bulls he would fight, night after night
A circle his domain
He would show her around during the day
One humid night, when stars were bright
He begged her she would stay
That’s when she said ‘da’

She was known as the bullfighter’s wife
Living the Spanish dream
But soon her dreams would fall apart
‘cause life is never what it seems

After the wedding she was locked up at home
Hubby didn’t need her anymore
Silently but outraged she made her plan
Revenge would be played on his stage

In the middle of the ring
Dinner was served for two
An extra spicy dinner just for him
As she walked away the bulls escaped
His face by now clear red and..
The bulls stabbed him to death!

This way she took the bullfighter’s life,
One thing though she did forget
As she was wearing a rose red dress
For her there was no place to hide, aaaaah!