Based on Energy, Slovenia 2001

Leprosy, how you disfigure me
I used to have five fingers, now I’ve only three
Left or right, there’s not much left to see
Can’t blow my nose ’cause there’s a threat it might come away

Leprosy causes anxiety
Can’t help but go to pieces, often literally
Taut and stretched, those shapeless onion lips
Not a hint of beauty left, just death and decay

When wet it’s ghastly, ’cause I putrefy
Dip just one foot, turn a Jacuzzi soupy
If you were reckless you’d dismember me
By tickling with glee
Or by shaking hands too forcefully

Leprosy, there’s not much left of me
Could count the bits and pieces that you’ve yet to thieve
More or less completely robbed of ears
I suppose my manhood’s next, what else can you take?


Leprosy, how you have branded me!
A squeaky voice that makes me sound like I am three, oh!
Both balls swiped! Such a catastrophe, oh!
And now I am not half the man I used to be