One Last Breast

Based on Greece 2015

I stroll, then turn the shower on
And as the water runs, I feel a lump
My life seems ruined, I’m so afraid
I should be brave, but lose faith
How will I live?

I’m crying, ‘Please save me! God, why? What have I done?’
I pray, ‘Lord, spare me! For sins I shall atone’
Now at best, I’ll just have one last breast

I’m wailing, ’Why twice me? I’m living my own hell
‘They’ll amputate me, my left breast next as well
Now at best, all that I’ll have is one last breast
Only one last breast

I fight the fright of how I’ll die
But then I realize – I’m still a guy
My sense returns, freed by the heart
I’ve been a trans, right from the start

And I’m feeling carefree, but then there rings a bell
One implant lacks me, I used to have a pair’
I won’t rest, until I have that one last breast
Only one last breast

I’m begging you, ‘Tell me, where is my silicone?’
I’m begging you, ‘Tell me – is it on Amazon?
All that I have is one last breast
One last breast