In The DoveCave

Based on Armenia 2016

Coo, it’s me
Coo, I know I haven’t called but suddenly life isn’t what it used to be
Because I flew out of that main square and took a dive
I met new friends but I got lost

So when I flew in I first went silent
Overwhelmed to see my new home
Because I had been flying for miles
I shat oh it was surreal… real… real…. real…

[Dove looks around cave for the first time]

It’s quite the sight to see!

My pigeon call is now higher you see I’m going up
Gives me strength now we soil every single wall
Knew we can take it all so the world will be ours
Coo (oh in the DoveCave)
In the DoveCave where we plan world do-mi-na-tio-oh-oh-on

Dressed in the DoveCave style
I lost myself in my dreams
Before I knew it our vid went viral
Suddenly it changed everything

I think it was a Wednesday morning
I wasn’t me from before
I met the boss and without a warning
It was the DoveCave no more

They’re taking over me!

[Internal struggle]

They’re taking, they’re taking over me!

Hoo (This is the DoveCave!)
The sound is wrong, the owls are just not giving up
Hoo (It’s the DoveCave!)
I’ve been recruited and I don’t feel this is home at all
Hoo (This ain’t no OwlCave!)
Thought we could take it all the world would have been ours
Hoo, yeah
In this DoveCave it’s the owls planning world do-mi-na-tio-oh-oh-on