Elephant in the Room

Based on Norway 1966

Elephant in the room
Why can’t we address it?
Over us its shadow looms
Too huge to accept it

We both know this can’t work
For the right words we search
And pray the other will speak first

Breaking the long silence hurts
Hard to keep composure
But I’ve got to say these words
The good times we had are over

Why’d we buy an elephant?
We don’t have the floor space
It makes so much excrement
Gets stuck in the doorways

Eats up our nut budget
Tramples our nice carpets
It’s not suited to an apartment

Landlord keeps on checking in
She’s heard all the rumours
Hiding it’s now wearing thin
That lampshade won’t always fool her


And now it’s crushed our settee
Why’d we name it Chirpy?
Time has come to set it free
We’ll sneak it out early

Tiptoe unseen by dark
Carry it till we reach the park
Near the ivory dealers

As for our flattened flat
It may be quite pokey
But we can still get a cat
So the giraffe won’t get lonely