Dump Trump

Based on Finland 1976

He is obsessed by all beautiful girls, he’s a big old swine
He’s done stuff mafia’d do, but no worries we’ll all be fine
Let bygones be bygones, but how can you?
A selfmade man living the big U.S. dream, who cares he’s mean?

Grab that pussy, bigoty hump Trump
You’re so rich, they won’t even fight… Ay ay ay…
Just move on them heavily, slump Trump
Sending shivers all down their spines… Ay ay ay…
Bonus points if you bang a playmate
Chance they could be your next wife
Buys off lawsuits, wicked and smug Trump
Gets away with murder, but why? Ay ay ay…

All of his business affairs are so blurry, it really stinks
Has his own rules, doesn’t give a damn what the whole world might think
He is the slyest of foxes, you know?
Plays all these games and the press just plays along, on with the show

Has a tower, arrogant plump Trump
Compensating something? He might… Ay ay ay…
All extremists go nuts for crump Trump
They believe all his stupid lies… Ay ay ay…
And if you don’t care to take the bait
Alternative facts are rife
Cofveve by poor clumsy chump Trump
Who cares what it means, let’s just cry… Ay ay ay…

Can’t believe he’s president, dumb Trump
Simpsons, too bad they got it right… Ay ay ay…
He’s stuck in the eighties that stump Trump
Sends the world to hell, see the signs… Ay ay ay…
It’s about time that we all dump Trump
Let’s collectively say “you’re fired”