Based on Norway 1971

Happiness is many things
Not just sun and diamond rings
It’s not only cute little flowers
Long steamy showers
None of that is for me

Happiness can be your aunt
Sitting down on a croissant
Chocolate grease on tweed skirted buttocks
Stains that won’t come off
That’s happiness to me

It’s a feeling so nice
When misfortune hits somebody else who isn’t you
Try it for yourself
Point and laugh at someone who deserves it, ha ha ha

When a toddler breaks their toy
And you feel that pang of joy
Teddy plushies dropped in a puddle
Knees scraped in rubble
That is what makes me smile

When your friend is late for school
And she’s dressed up like a fool
Someone texted nudes to their mother
Shop clerks who stutter
That makes me laugh out loud

When a pipe bursts at your job
And your boss slips on the mop
Broken spine, deep cuts and abrasions
Yay, free vacation!
Isn’t that just quite fun?

It’s a torn wedding dress
When somebody smug is getting married to your crush
Laughter is your friend
And remember that most weddings end up in divorce

Friends who named their baby “Bert”
Bird shit on a brand new shirt
Russian studs who lose Eurovision
Bettan in prison
That’s happiness to me

Happiness is an old man
Falling face first on the tram
It’s my all time favourite enjoyment
‘Cause schadenfreude
Is happiness to me

Happiness is porsche’s with dents
Or a song that never ends
ALC votes missing the deadline
Oh, damn, those were mine
That’s happiness
To you