Not Those “Why-ai-ai-ai”-s

Based on No Goodbyes, Netherlands 2000

Train, you know that you should not be drinking
This ain’t the way to get words out
Write us a song that we’ve never heard before
You’ve got to amaze us – better make us proud

No gin tonic, no Bud beers
Stop the alcohol, my dear
No more adlibs, no crossed eyes

Main advice:
No more “why-ai-ai-ai”-s
Drop the “why-ai-ai-ai”-s

So you grab your laptop while we’re praying
“Oh, praise the lord, please help, find us a song”
What there’s on paper is disastrous, can’t ignore
It’s time that we unite and walk along

Add a hamster to kick off
Second verse, you spread the love
Then the bridge to belt it out

Now backspace
All the “why-ai-ai-ai”-s
Chuck the “why-ai-ai-ai”-s

Oh don’t you wear that dress, change it for take two
Switch some cam angles too
And you know that the black veil should go

But above all

Don’t sing the “why-ai-ai-ai”-s
Skip the “why-ai-ai-ai”-s

(Not those “why-ai-ai-ai”-s)
It was a bad idea to send our Little Train, cus this song
(Not those “why-ai-ai-ai”-s)
Goes on, and on, and on

So we know why
Europe said: go home, bye!