Gifts for Pep Guardiola

Based on Caracola, Spain 1964

For Pep, my footballing star
I wanted to prove my love was sincere
I sent him things quite bizarre
But as time went on, the cost was severe

I sent him gifts and a car
a brand new Jaguar, a gallon of cola,
Champagne, an iPad and more:
A pile of mohair, six tubs of granola

Yes he’s the one I adore
I sent them with love to Pep Guardiola

Oh Pep – it’s gone a bit far
I sent a guitar, a map of Angola
And then, for the one I adore:
a lock of my hair, my upper-left molar

Now, see – I’ve spent all my dough
And all of it gone, on you, Guardiola

No more – I’m poor!