10K Run

Based on Dan najlepših sanj, Slovenia 1996


Back at the start line
I glanced across at you
In luminous lycra
Pristine athletic shoes
You have weak hamstrings
I’ve got my misshapen toe
But whilst we’re not sporty
We’re giving it a go!
This 10K run
Has just begun
Our friends have all
The warm-up done
They fired the gun
I guess it’s now
Or never
Excited crowds
By each water station
Cheer us on our way
I smile with perspiration
Dripping in my eye


First half was tiring
We’ve never done this before
Now high on endorphins
Our blisters don’t feel sore
A 10K run
Is so much fun
Sweet music fills
My headphones
We’ve hit our stride
We’ll run with pride
Could almost beat
Mo Farah


Our 10K run
(It’s almost done)
Just 2K more
Remains now
We’ve come so far
My new sports bra
Has held my boobs
And as I slow down
To catch my breath
You smile to me and say:

Let’s jog behind this hunk and ogle at his bum!


And then we cross the line together
Arm in arm