Stella Strikes Back

Based on Austria 1995

Fuuuuuuck youuuuuu aaaaaalllllll yeah


Didn’t your tea taste quite odd?!

That would be *my* wee and spit

I had stirred in for *you*

Guess who stuffed all those stink bombs
through your mail slot?

That was me:

I know where you live!

My revenge won’t be out-classed

I’ll shove cactus up your ass!

You voted me worst 13th place
From eighty-five to ninety-five

This foul insult I could not bare

So I’ll curse your mom

Cause this song is not
Worser than Only the Light

Orrrr haaave yoouuu got no ears, eh?

But Anixi’s rather good

You can’t begrudge Vossou’s win
Should my hate be restrained?

For it was January12th

Christmas and New Year booze
Trickled still

‘Round your brains

And my shrink had most wise words:

“Turn your damn frown upside-down!”

(Let our result be analysed)

Oooouuuut of forty-nine, we got two twelves!

More than Quand Je Te Rêve: not bad!

And no one has
more 2s and 1s

Than all us Girls with Sax Appeal

Here’s what we learned:

When all’s said and done

We should remember these words…

(Soooooooo truuuuuuuue, yeah)

It’s all a bit of fun! ¹


¹ However, Miss Stella does not regret the stink bombs.