Terribly Bad Housewife

Based on Spain 2012

Crawling my way through the laundry
Counting the minutes that are left
Have yet to walk the dog

The windows they are full of dirt
Huge sweat stains all over my shirt
The list is endless, mouths to feed
What shall we eat?
Terribly bad housewife
That is all that is left from me

Days and nights I’ve cried for help
I don’t seem to get things right
Terribly bad housewife, terribly bad housewife
Think I lost my daughter’s doll

But really, can I blame myself?
Am working seven days a week, from nine to five
Bought this house together, and what part does my husband play?

Playing Need for Speed and more
Leaving his clothes on the floor
My husband does nothing, literally nothing
Never has he touched a broom

I would stop dying from stress
If he’d only clean up his mess

(She storms in and starts a fight)
Dishwasher is on your left side
(Angry gestures, screams out loud)
I am not your mother, I am not your mother
Have been drowning in your socks

I’m about to blow up your car
(His second love, a grey jaguar)
So make sure it won’t get that far
(He’s surprised and thinks it’s bizarre)
I am not your mother, I am not your mother
Man up or there is the door