Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

Based on Iceland 2010

I’m a real word fan, the way that things are languaged, can excite
How I look up the word to say the way I’m feeling
And it’s precisely then defined

Schadenfreude, is laughing when someone falls over
Shemomedjamo, eating though already full
Fetching from far away, is someone who is Layogenic
Somnambulists sleepwalk

The awareness of the lives of those around you: Sonder
The fear of opportunities, decreasing as you age more;
Torschlusspanik is the name

D├ępaysement, that being away from home feeling
Slampadato, oh, an obsession with tanning
And there’s Papakata, with one leg shorter than the other
Pinch-cute-things-urge, Gigil

But the problem with these meanings
Is that I live them through my life
Old Gattara

Ugly and fat, I am lopsided and quite orange
Homesick and scared, of growing old all by myself
And when I see cute boys, I start the improper face touching
Wabi-sabi, I’ll try!