Replacement bus service

Based on Norway 2016

Sunday night
Lay out my suit and I prepare to shine
Morning time
Head out for my dream job interview

Take the Northern Line
I might leave early so I’ll be on time
I do up my tie
And walk quickly to the tube station

Every single question they could ever ask
Running through my mind, like the group work task
Just when everything seems on track
Oh crap…
Replacement bus service
And I’m stuck in frozen Morden
Bubble burst
Job prospects, they now look over

I turn away
If I act quickly then I’ll be ok
I hail a taxi
And head to the mainline rail station
Just as I squeeze on board the train
No way…

There’s a signal failure
And there’ll be a minor delay
Stuck on board
Try to call the HR rep Faye
When I stand in the dole line
I know that I can blame the Northern Line
It shouldn’t be so hard to be on time

Sweat and piss
Odours build as the carriage fries
‘Good service’
Just a web of horrendous lies

Next time I’ll drive