Bad Hair Days

Based on Les Chansons Pour Ceux Qui S’aiment, Luxembourg 1976

Oh my goodness me, what is there to see
All that hairspray, pomade, super-glue lead to disaster
Coiffeur heard my plea, he can’t guarantee
There’s a way to reduce volume boost of this giant fur.
Bad hair days can’t be avoided
Hair days so dreaded that make you look so obscure
Hair days to be regretted, to be beheaded as only cure.
Bad hair days can’t be avoided
Hair days of madness like an exploded toupee
Hair days of desperate sadness, gone is all gladness, first shades of grey …

Fringe’s so annoying
Was meant for toying
Visual disturbance
Twitching my head.

Now look at the outcome
Dumb, even dumber
Went to my best chum
And he said:

Bad hair days can be avoided
Sack beauty parlors, consult Arabic barbers
You’ll see they’ll be your savior, with sharpened razors
Be not afraid – shave your head! Shave your head!