Estonian Cowgirl 2014: Esker!

¡Yo Soy la Vaquera!

Based on Norway 1985, La det Swinge…

Yes the voters had to make brave decisions
And I understand you hate my lyric taste
But I applaud you…without derision
It’s not foolish…when you end up…in last place

Sorry David, it is for the best
Annoying but…did it win in our contest?
No! No! No!
*I’m* the cowgirl: that is no request!

My lyrics give pain, my talents rarely dazzle
My wordy AL made all say: “Well, I don’t know”
You can sing it only on the razzle
Oh… I do believe my nazi’s just so-so

Were those lyrics, well, a pile of poo?
Let’s be honest: did my ALs have one virtue?
No! No! No!
*I’m* the cowgirl! The rest: form a queue!

Brief lyrical interlude
Bobbysocks make scoffing noises
as they browse
the OLD glossary

Few of you went for Prime Dominatrix
Thought I’d write this AL to…Rise like a…
…But no! 😉

Haiku Schlagers…don’t get uppity
Last year’s cowgirls… must give up supremacy!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
*I’m* the cowgirl, now just let it be!

Who’s the cowgirl? He won what all seek
But the cowgirl should never ever be too meek

¿….Want to know…?

¿Who’s the cowgirl? Yes it’s Esker…
Esker’s…our Vaquera
¡Esker! Yes, I thank you all…