Goodbye Gothenburg

Based on Sweden 1991

الله أكبر


I was always good at school
See that’s just how The West has conditioned me
But I’m not some mindless fool
It’s time to face the fact – gotta start my life again
One last selfie posted to my Instagram
Suitcase packed, I’ve got my iPhone and Koran
And I’m running off to ISIS
Now’s the day!
No one’s standing in my way
Nothing could be any sweeter
Running off to ISIS
Out the door!
Adios! Tschüß! Au revoir!
Goodbye to the lands of the kuffar!

It is dark when I set off
‘Cos I don’t want no snut coming after me
Resolute about my task
My travel has been booked by some guy in Istanbul
Cried some tears ‘cos now I’ll never see my mum
She’ll take comfort from this new life I’ve begun
Now I’m running off to ISIS
I can’t wait!
Life in the Islamic State
Or Da’esh? It’s quite confusing
Running off to ISIS
What a draw!
Never went abroad before
Gonna live the true Sharia Law

We are one Ummah united by one holy bond
My heart awakens when you tweet:
“It’s time – let’s do jihad!”

There’ll be no more Western vices
Hanging out with ISIS!


Running off to ISIS
My true path guided by one photograph
Of a future husband with a beard
(No more Western vices?!)

Yeah, I’ll make my home with ISIS!