Daddy’s got no pants on

Based on Finland 1979

Clock’s striking three, I hear a noise
Could it be mum or one of the boys?
Out of their beds, sneaking around
Down in the kitchen, food in their mouths

No, it comes from outside, just heard the cat
Hissing her teeth out, why is she mad?
Get out of bed, open the blinds
Look through the window, rub my eyes twice

Daddy’s got no pants on, dancing through the yard
Don’t know what I thought but this caught me off guard

Daddy’s got no pants on, dancing on his own
Doing all the movements to the Ketchup song
Oh, so wrong

Dad never danced that much before
Except that one time, conquered the floor
At a wedding, way too much beer
Showing his best moves, was almost queer

Now he’s asleep: all systems go
Doing routines like he is a pro
Going all Vogue, catwalking too
Sleepwalker realness, like Jinx Monsoon

Daddy’s got no pants on… Mum, what should we do?
Wake him or just leave him till the night is through?

Daddy’s got no pants on… Mum, put down your phone!
Can you please stop grinning? Mum, what’s going on?

(Boys) Daddy’s got no pants on… Mum please, not online!
(Mum) “Daddy’s just gone viral! The last laugh’s all mine!”