Based on Malta 1997

[A couple sits down to dinner, but all is not well]


You vomit acid on your plate
That’s how you feed these days
I’m fearful of the grub that grows inside me
Your body first grew mighty strong
And then it all went wrong
The loving man I knew now fades away

You’re more fly than man, yet still human-size
I can see distress in your eighteen eyes
The research to which you’d devoted years went awry

Passing through the transporter pods you’d made
You contaminated your D.N.A.
To become a weird, hybrid form of life
Tell me why Brundlefly


[Our heroine looks on nervously as Brundlefly rises from the dinner table and begins re-programming his transporter pods]

“Uh-oh, uh-oh uhm…”
“Uh-oh, uh-uhm… uh-oh”


Metamorphosis is one-way
I see I can’t delay
For loyalty my love I must betray

I caress your mouthparts, make one last try
To discuss our plight – you don’t hear my cry
Large antennae just replaced both your ears
Is that why Brundlefly?

Come let’s share the cocktails that I have made
< Mine with crème de menthe; yours with insect spray >
Stroke your mandible as I end your life
Say goodbye Brundlefly

Time to die