Isis Gee Is a Terrorist

based on Hungary 1994

She may seem harmless as a flea
A walking carrot with horsey teeth
It’s not true though, you should beware
It’s her dream to crush the West

Isis Gee is a terrorist
Not allowed to fly, she’s on a list, yeah
Isis Gee is a terrorist
In our midst!

Listen to me, that Cheeto’s evil
She’s brought down planes with liquids small
She’s vice-chair of the Taliban
She lives in a cave in Afghanistan

Isis Gee wants a caliphate
And a husband who’ll self-detonate, yeah
Isis Gee thinks a caliphate
Would be great!

Is she horse?
Or is she a secret Muslim
Sent here from Samarkand?!
Oh… it’s not worth the risk

[Lovely guitar interlude as Isis Gee is renditioned]

Send her to a black site
There’s still some room at Guantanamo Bay!

Isis Gee is a terrorist
Lock her up for life, she won’t be missed, nope

Isis Gee loves Islamic State
For every kill she ululates, “Yaaaaay, we killed an in-fi-del!”

There is no meaner Orangina
Isis Gee is a terrorist
With fake hair