Summer Is Over

Based on Sommer i Palma , Norway 1961

Each year we went back to Palma beach
Where we found love by the sea
Fifty years passed, yet the summer would last
Summer is over now

Do you recall summer at all?
There’s so much you’re forgetting as winter sets in
Will you remember me?

Do you recall summer at all?
How you longed through the heatwaves for a cool breeze?
Till your warmth in time came to freeze…

Once, on the strand, you fell to one knee
Asked for my hand, I said, “Sí”
Where is that man who vowed he’d stick around?
Winter encroaches now

Do you recall summer at all?
As you fall into winter, I watch and shiver
Chilled by your gaze, so weak

You don’t recall summer at all
Though you traipse through the blizzard searching for me
Too much snow coats your memories