Halley’s Reply

Based on Sin Rencor, Spain 1997

Born in the FarReaches, free to roam
Down through the Ages, I have danced the same dance

Waltz to the ColdBelt then, waltz back to HomeStar
And I hear the Music of Spheres

When on my last pathway to Warmth
I could hear brand new voices, I did not recognise

As I passed by the RingedOne, melodies appeared
And their origins…how they intrigued me

I have never recalled
Ever being enthralled
So much as I feel now

A choir of sound
That will thrill me for evermore

From the BlueOne! I could not believe it
Warm words that I thought were in Turkish
Hay Halley Hay Merhaba

Then yet another surprise:
There came an armada all tinted in blue

Giotto and Vega and Suisei too
They came to show the way

J’aime, j’aime la vie
Words you sing out to me
You capture my feelings!

But where are you now?
I can hear you but cannot see

Never before was HomeStar between us

So near yet so far is this distance
Now I sing to you, my BlueOne

Let’s sing a duet
To the lyrics you’re sending me

It will be our Refrain in outer space
Answer my call and please say you will

Sing to me, my BlueOne!

But Alles heeft ‘n ritme
It is I who must depart

(Now I’ve got to go)
(As I journey I know that your)
(Sound of Colours will always entwine us)

You’re my counterpoint

(And keep us both close when were distant)
(So please, sing to me my BlueOne!)

I promise to return

(I will sing to your harmonies)

Now we’ve started a new dance

(May we serenade for evermore)

Between you and me
Sing, sing with me!