We’ll leave for Jan Mayen

Based on Italy 1976

Once again a disgrace
Just returned from Bunnpris
I went there in a rush
What was I thinking, vocal band?

And I cried like a bitch
when I checked the receipt
What a joke of a store
Someone call the consumer aid

Overheard from the garden
Had a fight with the neighbour
Let it be known my spirits
sort of are quite unstable

I am starting to mumble,
look like a bad graffiti
Can’t distinguish between
my dreams and reality

-I feel your awful pain
-I feel yours too. The strain!
I fear it’s all in vain…
-We’ll deal the cards again

Pain is hard but we’ll manage
Time to find a new place
Life in Oslo has brought me
In a state that should call for drugs

All the prices are mad
-although some are just bad-
True, I ‘ve worked and I ‘ve paid
but the bill is too high to bare

Records say that my neighbours
either actual or phony
make Mr Agnew Spiro
seem a totally honest man

Sell the house, we ‘re moving
just this instant; no joking
Check this island in North Sea
or whatever this sea is called

-The Arctic Ocean
-I couldn’t give a damn.
Adio Norway!
-We’ll leave for Jan Mayen!

-Don’t need money to spend
cause there’s nothing to buy
-So vivacious and nerveless
no soul in three hundred miles.