Based on Hungary 2008

Eek, a week, cannot drink, can’t eat

Can’t sleep, I’m weak, don’t dare to peek
That whole night is nothing but a blur
Was it all a ploy?
And perhaps I am just paranoid
But I feel such a rash
You’re a Don Juan, you’re the king of doublespeak
Now I need prozac, ’cause you left me in awe
Syphilis, all ’cause I was infidel
To all that we are, all values of the radar
Urk, London, Italy, Hong Kong
I do not know where you haven’t brought
All your nice words, so bittersweet
But beneath your façade
Lies your ability to excel
Of ending on a big bang
You’re a Genghis Khan, always on a killing spree
In your cul-de-sac is no room for the law
Syphilis, everything was going swell
Then you left a scar, that is still the worst, by far
I’m feeling weak
I know I need some rama
I’ve been so dumb, now it’s a melodrama
I overcome and don’t succumb
I move on, undeterred
Still want some lsd
But then it all hits me
You’re a ladies’ man, but without an std
My panic attack was my main and key flaw
A pop quiz, unannounced, it feels like hell
But you’re still my star, my professor from Dakar