Based on Greece 1980

One rainy day on a summer trip in Slovenia
I’m looking up all the possible ways to flee
The Maribor to Croatia bus is expensive
And runs in hours that suit nobody indeed

Then… I… Think…

Blablacar, Blablacar
I’ll take a
Blablacar, Blablacar
There seems to be supply

Blablacar, oh Blablacar
Please let this ad not be a scam
Oh yes it is the one!

The guy appears legit, not a creep
The car is big enough, stuff will fit
May reviews not be bad…

Blablacar, oh Blablacar,
You saved my life and here I am
At the bus stop; meetup spot.

It’s 3 A.M. but I see no guy in chinos
He messages on WhatsApp to tell me he’s pissed
The traffic jam goes all the way back to Torino
One hour delay is the consequence of all this

Wait… I… See…

Blablacar, Blablacar
He’s made it
Blablacar, Blablacar
-“Now let’s go super fast!”

-“Oh no no, I don’t think so
In Varaždin, I’ll pick some more
A quarterly detour.”

But there’s another jam
Oh such fun.
-“I just received a call
from my mom.
She needs my laundry now.”

There we go, we ‘re on our way
Five people in this old Xsara
-“And laundry done, happy mom.”

It’s… Za… greb…

(Passengers) : Yay! (Driver) : Pay!


(cashier machine sound)

-Blablacar, don’t park too far.
-That’s five more kuna.
-‘k, it’s fine.

-Meh, see you not.
-Big fat dork.
-Just get lost.
-Kurva. -What?!

(later at home writing review)
“It was top!”